【 作 】- Fun k now BGM#2 / 55min FUNK MIX

・Toshi (Rhythmalism/MACHINE GUN FUNK)
・Me too pop(nothing but feeling)
・OBA (Rhythmalism/RhythmaticFunkMovement/鎌倉)

Project "Fun k now".
Wanna connect the world with music and dance.
In this project, we will create a channel to give you sick music with session videos of street dancers around the world.
We are looking for DJs and dancers all over the world who sympathize with this project and participate!!!

Production : Atelier Sixxx
Producer : IGA
Director : OBA
Sound produced : DJ Toshi (北海道)
Editor : Riku Iwasaki
Photo : RIku Iwasaki
Location : Takeshita Street (Harajuku Tokyo Japan)
Year 2020